The CאRE Seminar is a live 8-session class that meets once per week.

It can be taken by anybody and is open to the general public. 

CאRE is given in two formats, online and in person.

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The CARE Seminars

What will you learn in a CאRE Seminar?

  • To quickly calm the body and quiet the inner-critic

  • To connect with your capacity for self-compassion

  • To better identify and meet your own needs

  • How to deal with difficult emotions

  • How to improve and enhance your relationships

  • How to live according to your values and beliefs

  • How to be more content with what you have so far

  • How to calm the inner-demand for "more"

  • How to feel more connected to the Creator

Core Compassion Skills:

  • Slowing

  • Feeling Safe

  • Self-Soothing

  • Self-Compassion not Self-Esteem

  • Unconditional Self-Regard

  • Quieting the Inner-Critic

  • Mindful Self-Compassion

  • Cultivating the "Compassionate Higher Self"

  • Compassion in Relationships

  • Dealing with Barriers to Compassion

  • Torah Sources for Self-Compassion

Core Acceptance Skills:

  • Preparation of Attention

  • Understanding the Power of Free Choice

  • What we know about the Creator

  • Cultivating Faith in the Creator

  • The Creator's Purpose: To Bestow Good

  • Divine Providence

  • The Wisdom of "Being Happy with Our Lot"

  • Mindfulness Training (ultimately as a method of connection with the Creator)

  • Internal Mindfulness (self-monitoring)

  • External Mindfulness (environmental)

  • Spiritual Mindfulness (savoring newness, openness to higher wisdom, manifesting values moment by moment)

  • Defusion from unhelpful thoughts, feelings, memories, bodily sensations

  • Resilience and Grit

Core Responsibility Skills:

  • Discovering your Core Values

  • How to Commit to Living in alignment with your Core Values

  • Establishing Short and Long-term Goals

  • Honest Self-Assessment

  • Measuring Progress

  • Working with Integrity, avoiding half-measures

  • Kicking into Action

Core Enlightenment Skills


  • Meditation    

  • Personal Prayer

  • Journal Writing 

  • Acquire a teacher

  • Acquire a study partner

  • Join a community

  • Teaching what you have learned

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Become a CאRE Facilitator and Trainer

Participants who complete the CARE Seminar can apply for additional training to become CARE Facilitators.  Licensed CARE Facilitators partner with Project CARE to teach CARE Seminars to the public utilizing the copyrighted CARE content and brand.


Licensed CARE Facilitators may apply for advanced training  leading to CARE Trainer status. CARE Trainers are not only licensed to facilitate seminars to the public, but they can also lead seminars to train CARE Facilitators.

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