Feel G-d's Love Now

Dear friends,

Did you know that people who meditate even once a week have about 50% less cognitive decline later on in life? Not only that, the quieting of the mind, during meditation, helps people to connect to G-d.

There is a spiritual teaching that we can only find G-d during times of quiet stillness. I’m sure that’s why so many of the spiritual giants of the past choose to spend their lives as shepherds.

I just finished recording my latest meditation called Feel G-d’s Love Now. It came to me during personal prayer. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. And, when you have the time, check out two of my other meditations: Meditation on Nurturing and Loving People and Soothing Relaxation.

You can find all three meditations right here.

These meditations are for you. So, let me hear from you! Write and tell me about what you would like to hear and I’ll try my best to accommodate your requests.

Talk again soon!

Zev Ballen, PsyD, LCSW

Psychotherapist | Founder, Project CARE