A Blast from the Past

G-d, is sending us thoughts throughout the day, and embedded in these thoughts are hints about how we should look at things and what we should do next. So if we run into a circumstance or a thought that is challenging, we need to start asking ourselves: “Why did I just think that? What's going on here? Where did that thought come from?”

For example:  I was in my car, on my way to picking my wife up from her job. As I was driving along on a rather gray afternoon, I suddenly saw a beautiful sunbeam come down ahead of me, which lit up the whole road. That scene sparked something off, and G-d sent me a lovely memory from my childhood, where I was just happy to be alive and breathing. I was probably out of school and it was a nice sunny day, and I was on the way to the park to play basketball, or something like that. It was a wonderful feeling. But then the good feeling started to sour:

“I wish I didn't have so many obligations to take care of today. I wish I could do something fun like I used to when I was young. "

I stopped and wondered what had happened. After thinking for a moment I said to Hashem: “Thank You, Hashem, for the negative thought. Now, I'm going to bring some sunshine into today’s routine and make it a better day even though I have so much to do. G-d's message for me was that I could draw upon a sunny day from my youth, and infuse it into my present experience.

When G-d sends me a gift from my past, it's not because He wants me to go back to that time of my life. He sent me that memory because He saw that I needed to use it now. Sure it was a beautiful fantasy to be free to take off from work and play with total abandon like only a child can. But truth be told - I don’t want be a kid again, and, I do get a great feeling from meeting my responsibilities as an adult married man with children.

If you start wondering this way yourself, you too will see how G-d is constantly giving you gifts that you can use and reuse at anytime.